Replacing Missing Teeth the Right Way in Berwyn, PA

At Premier Smiles, Dr. Catalin Florin Arhiri is meticulous and focused in his approach to dental implant placement and restoration. This comprehensive tooth replacement solution is available at our Berwyn office, providing dental implants for Tredyffrin Township, King of Prussia, and Paoli.

Receiving Dental Implants at our Office

When choosing dental implants, you undergo a thorough examination to determine your eligibility to receive dental implants. This assessment is mainly concerned with measuring bone mass as it is vital to have sufficient density in your jaw for the implants to work properly.

If you are deemed a candidate for treatment with dental implants, Dr. Arhiri works closely with you to develop a treatment plan that meets your specific needs. If you require any bone grafting to qualify, our staff schedules a convenient appointment.

The team at Premier Smiles works together to obtain detailed images and impressions that allow Dr. Arhiri to plan your treatment strategically. 

After placing the implants, depending on your case, a healing period of several weeks allows the implant post to fuse with the jaw bone to provide a strong and secure foundation for your permanent restoration.

Dental Implant Options to Restore a Complete Smile 

The following implant-supported restorations are available to replace one or more teeth:

Implant-Supported Crown – to replace individual teeth with a single implant post
Implant-Supported Bridge – to replace a row of teeth with at least two implant posts
Implant-Supported Dentures – to replace up to a full arch of teeth with at least four implant posts
Removable Overdentures – to stabilize traditional dentures with the assistance of two or more implant posts

Prevent Your Jaw from Shrinking

Tooth roots stimulate the underlying bone and trigger new bone growth. When teeth are missing, the jaw begins to lose bone mass at a rapid pace in a process called resorption. This bone loss leads to facial changes and the characteristic protruding chin of long-time conventional denture-wearers. The more teeth that are missing, the more you need dental implants to avoid resorption.

Learn More about Treatment with Dental Implants in Berwyn, PA

Please call our office with any questions or to schedule a complete consultation. You can count on Premier Smiles to help you regain the confident smile you deserve.


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