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Meet Dr Arhiri Family
About Arhiri Family

Meet Dr Arhiri Family

It seems like yesterday when Dr Arhiri completed his studies at University of Pennsylvania. Where does time go, huh?


Back in 2003 I started to help as many patients as I could by myself. Shortly after that, I added on board one front desk person and one assistant. Crazy times, indeed, but my passion to give my best in the field I loved most, kept me going.

In 2015 I married with Flori, then she started to manage my business (she has a business background plus an MBA in Marketing and Management). In a nutshell, since then, my life became easier. I could focus just on treating people instead of being in every department of the office while my wife was focusing on everything else.

Two years later, in 2018, we had Sophia Tatiana and in 2019 we had Antonia Maria. They added a lot of love in our family, and many challenges too. Our family extended rapidly and our business was growing fast. Therefore, in 2020, we made an emotional decision and purchased another dental office. I was driven by my passion to help as many people as possible to reach their oral health, plus, knowing that I have the best coach I could have, my wife, I did not think twice before buying our second office. Her business and leadership skills, her ability to give 150% in everything, her desire to put a smile on each patient smile, made me feel confident that I made the best decision. Without her help, this dream of mine would not have become a reality.

Together with our lovely team, we make dreams happen, and I am grateful for having nice people working with us and I am also happy to have a nice database of lovely patients. We love to work with people that want to make a difference in people's life, people that are patient centric and that go the extra mile in every situation.