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Can aloe vera maintain or improve my oral health?
26 Nov. 2019

Can aloe vera maintain or improve my oral health?

Aloe vera has a very long history of healing power. It is used to heal burns and cuts, to treat digestive problems and boost your immune system and well-being. It also inhibits cancerous growth and heal the side effects of radiotherapy treatments.Dental and gum disease can also be cured by aloe vera. You can put some aloe vera powder on your tooth br

ush , then brush your teeth. The powder will soothe your gums and cure any kind of infection or bruises. Aloe vera juice can also help in keeping your gums healthy. All you have to do is to gargle the liquid around your mouth before swallowing.

A study published in May/ June 2009 in the journal of the Academy of General Dentistry discovered that aloe vera gel can be used to clean teeth and eliminate cavity-causing bacteria. For our oral health aloe vera juice and aloe vera gel are both recommended. Aloe vera tooth gel does not contain the abrasive elements which can be found in commercial toothpastes, which means that they are an excellent alternative for people with sensitive gums or teeth.

Tooth gel with aloe vera offers protection for your teeth, gums, your entire mouth and improves oral hygiene.

Experts advise to buy only original aloe vera products.

A daily intake of aloe vera (as juice or toothpaste) can have multiple benefits for your oral health.

There are some aloe research studies which demonstrated that aloe vera has a lot of benefits in oral health and can be used in dentisty.  R. James Harrison wrote an aricle about a patient who had his wisdom teeth removed and had his socket irrigated whole-leaf aloe vera concentrate and after that he applied aloe vera gel and aloe whole-leaf on the extraction site. The surgery area healed in a short time.

The using of aloe can also have benefits in the following areas: post-treatment after gum surgery, various oral lesions including canker sores, dry mouth, gum abscesses, inflamed tongue, gum tissue damaged by sharp toothbrushes, abrasive toothpastes.

Aloe vera is effective in treating cavities as it inhibits the growth of the bacteria that causes dental caries.

This plant accelerates healing and reduces pain associated with canker sores, which are blisters on the lips or mouth.

In conclusion, aloe vera gel and aloe vera juice can both sustain your oral health. Aloe vera gel can successfully replace the commercial toothpaste and aloe vera juice will protect your mouth and your gums. This plant also heals skin lesions and actions inside your body. In case you need further information, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Arhiri.