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Dental Care is important for Your Health
26 Nov. 2019

Dental Care is important for Your Health

Unfortunately, all Dental Associations report that there is a declining trend among people that visit a dentist. Even though it is clearly proven that oral health is linked to a person’s overall health condition, there is a lack of awareness amongst Americans about its importance.

Lack of dental care can be fatal

Gum/periodontal disease- an indicator of many other serious health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis. Harmful bacteria that lives in the deep pockets of the gums travels throughout the bloodstream and has been found in the heart, lungs and placenta of pregnant women.

It is sad, but the reality is that half of the American adults have some serious gum infection. Even with this dangerous condition, there is not enough advertise about oral health. Dr C. Florin Arhiri from Premier Smiles is trying hard with other dentists to promote regular checkups and encourage preventive dental care due to the deadly consequences that poor dental care has.

Ironically, money is not always the impediment. Just the lack of interest in this particular area is the main issue. Here at Premier Smiles we are surprised in a negative way that even patients that have dental insurance through their employer do not use their dental benefits. Some of them, a small percentage, cannot afford…and most of them are not practically aware of the consequences. Actually, they end up in dental offices with terrible pain and they spend thousands of dollars to fix the damage that could be prevented over time with regular visits to the dentist.

This topic is very complex! Therefore, If you are looking for high quality dental care in Berwyn, suburb Philadelphia, Premier Smiles is always here to guide you through every step you have to follow. Dr Arhiri is an experienced dentist that has been at this location for more than 14 years. We offer a wide range of services, including, dental crowns, implants, root canal therapy, smile makeovers, teeth whitening, dental cleanings, extractions and more. Contact us today to discuss your dental care options: 610-647-7611.