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Dental Cleanings
26 Nov. 2019

Dental Cleanings

You always wanted to go to the dentist? But of course, you always had something to do: work, kids, shopping, holidays and the list does not stop here. Years passed by and you finally made it in for a dental exam, but, you might not be happy with what your dentist tells you…you may need a teeth cleaning, fillings or even a root canal afterwards, depending on what your dentist finds. If periodontal disease or gingivitis is apparent, you may need an advanced dental treatment. In many cases, buildup doesn’t accumulate just on your teeth – it can affect the areas below the gum line, too.

Remember … It’s Not Too Late

Studies say that only about half the American population sees a dentist regularly, so you should not be embarrassed for delaying your visit to the dentist. Always keep in mind: Even if years have gone by since you’ve gotten a dental checkup and cleaning, it’s not too late to get your smile back on track. It is better when you treat every problem at the right moment. This is the reason why Premier Smiles emphasizes every time the importance of getting on time the dental care you need.

Ways to Prevent GUM DISEASE:

  • Proper brushing and flossing
  • At least biannual dental visits for cleanings and checkups

Tooth decay is the second most common disease, second only to the common cold. But don’t worry; we are only a call away: 610-647-7611