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Give your smile some well-deserved attention
26 Nov. 2019

Give your smile some well-deserved attention

Dr Arhiri can perform up to 3 smiles makeover a day.  That could be anything from implants and crowns to veneers, bridges. For a flawless smile Dr Arhiri needs up to 5 appointments : consultation, mold design, fittings and adjustments, to ensure that shape, size, color, speech, and bite, all look, sound, feel natural.

Dr Arhiri always points out that good teeth are associated with general health and wellbeing.

Our cosmetic dentist, Dr Arhiri, has turned his office into a place you’d actually want to visit , sharing beauty-focused treatments and tips like these to make caring for your teeth an actual pleasure.

The new zirconium, crowns and porcelain veneers are the Rolls-Royce of cosmetic dentistry , they are designed to look natural.

Many years ago, everyone wanted teeth like Claudia Schiffer ( even tough not everyone looks good with her teeth). Today, the most requested celebrity smile is Kim Kardashian. The real problem with a Hollywood smile is that teeth don’t look like that in real life. In photos the, the flash makes them look perfect.

As a rule of thumb, If you have good teeth that is a sign of health, beauty, style and personality. Actually, your smile gives you personality! So, give your smile some well-deserved attention.

The consequences of bad oral hygiene include everything , from cavities to bad breath, all the way to tooth loss and inability to eat. In order to provide comprehensive dental care, Dr Arhiri always explains the whole picture to all his patients, even to his emergencies.  During the whole consultation, he gives his patients a real understanding of what they are in for.

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