What are the advantages and disadvantages of dental implants?
18 Nov. 2020

What are the advantages and disadvantages of dental implants?

Dental implants are an effective and fast way to fill the gap created by the lack of a tooth. They restore the aesthetic and functional aspect, therefore they are considered an optimal solution for such situations.

However, there are advantages and disadvantages of using dental implants, and knowing them is important in order to choose the best dental treatment solution.

The advantages of dental implants

One of the most well-known advantages of the dental implant is that it looks and works almost identically to your natural tooth. Chewing can proceed normally, so you can enjoy eating the food you want.

Another advantage is the fact that fixed dental prostheses can be installed on dental implants. In order to be as durable as possible, frequent dental checkups are recommended. You must also have a good oral hygiene (toothbrush and floss, mouthwash, interdental brushes where appropriate), because only by taking care of your teeth, you make sure that they remain healthy for many years.

At the same time, the intervention does not have a temporary result and gives you the safety of long-term resistant teeth, as well as the immediate improvement of chewing and speech. The titanium structure, the prosthetic abutment and the crown are bio-compatible with the body, which excludes the possibility of adverse reactions from the body or rejection of the implant. Shortly after the intervention, you can resume your daily habits.

With such a dental treatment solution you do not only protect one tooth, but the entire tooth, as dental implants provide the necessary support for neighboring teeth. In the absence of one, gradual deterioration of bone and gum health is inevitable. Consequently, all teeth will suffer, risking becoming unstable, while this situation can even become a source of complex diseases. The advantage of an implant is that it prevents any source of long-term dental discomfort.

The disadvantages of dental implants

On the other hand, the use of dental implants involves a higher cost than in the case of other prosthetic treatments. In these situations, you can opt for CareCredit healthcare credit card.

The insertion of the implants is done through a surgical procedure, which may not be agreed by many, although it is not painful and does not involve any major risk.

It is also necessary to wait a while until the insertion of the dental crown or the final denture, even a few months, so patience can be a key element, even if temporary work is done to replace the missing teeth until the final installation of crowns on the implant.

Considering the advantages and disadvantages presented, you need to think carefully about the ideal solution for you. If you want to have beautiful and healthy teeth and you can overcome the disadvantages of inserting a dental implant, then you will focus on the benefits and you will be able to enjoy the perfect smile.