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A healthy smile says a lot about how you take care of yourself inside and out!
26 Nov. 2019

A healthy smile says a lot about how you take care of yourself inside and out!

A healthy smile says a lot about how you take care of yourself inside and out. Having great style, being fit, attractive, and having a great smile are all part of creating  that successful first impression. Dr C Florin Arhiri  believes that  partially has to do with how you are being perceived, but also how confidently you carry yourself when you’re feeling good about the way you look.

Premier Smiles is a full service dental practice with a strong accent on cosmetics : implants, gum surgeries, crowns, veneers, fillings, whitening etc, but we emphasize looking at the mouth as a whole understanding why the problems are occurring and coming up with a treatment plan, that addresses the cause and the fix.

The attributes of a youthful smile include : color, shape and the condition of your gums. Over time your teeth stain, discolor, chip, and wear , so the gums become thin and recede.

At Premier Smiles, our office in suburb Philadelphia, a patient  will experience an idea of what’s going on in their mouth as the overall health and function are evaluated : what’s causing the problem, and what are the ways to combat it.

If your dental care routine was as involved as the rest of your grooming regimen, we wouldn’t have big dental problems. Just think about how much money and time you dedicate to skincare, fragrance, and hair products, and compare the costs to your daily dental routine. Embarrassing, right?  When it comes to good dental health, you need more than just a tooth brush , toothpaste, and floss. To prevent problems before they start, schedule routine visits to Dr Arhiri, and stay on top of them. If you miss an appointment, reschedule immediately. As you may already know, many lifestyle and dietary choices can damage your pearly whites. According to Dr Arhiri, red wine, coffee, cigarette smoke are staining your teeth. . But whatever your vices or pleasures are, Dr Arhiri believes that we should live our life as we do, and let him take care of your teeth.

The beauty of cosmetic dentistry is that we can get a gorgeous smile at every age! Today, new technology has helped cosmetic dentistry evolve into a worldwide phenomenon. At Premier Smiles, the mouth can be completely restructured in as little as 2 appointments. For any questions, please contact Dr Arhiri at : 610.647.7611.