Can travel affect my oral health? Some tips for excellent oral health while traveling by plane.
27 Nov. 2019

Can travel affect my oral health? Some tips for excellent oral health while traveling by plane.

When you are traveling for business purposes or for pleasure, it may happen that you have problems with assuring your oral hygiene. You cannot take a vacation from your daily oral hygiene. In order to avoid dental issues while flying, it is recommended to see your dentist before leaving. By doing this  you will know exactly what to expect in case you have some teeth issues.

Bellow you have some travel tips in order to take care of your teeth and gums, taking into account the problems that may appear during your flight.

  • Broken or cracked tooth

    . In case you experience such dental issue, rinse your mouth and apply a cold compress on your cheek to avoid or treat any swelling. Then find a dentist and visit them as soon as you have the possibility.

  • Toothaches.

    Being on an airplane can intensify a toothache. Flying can bring out pain in a tooth that has not previously bothered you. There are cases when you have air in your teeth and changes in pressure can make it hurt badly. The reason for the air in the teeth are dental cavities or dental work (fillings, crowns). There is little thing you can do to avoid toothache during your flight. You can take painkillers, but no effect is guarantee.

  • Abscessed tooth

    . It is a painful infection at the root of the tooth or between the gum and a tooth. It is caused by severe tooth decay in most of the cases. The fluctuations of pressure can directly affect how the abscess feels. The pain will increase when you go up in altitude, as you will feel more pressure on it. Your dentist may advise not to fly if you have a severe abscess.

  • Bad breath

    . Another problem that you may encounter while travelling is bad breath. Many of your body systems slow down when flying, including saliva production, which allows bacteria to increase. Food particles left in the mouth, sugary and sweets encourage halitosis. Try to eat healthy, drink plenty of water and brush your teeth.

How to prepare for your flight in order to assure a proper care for your gums and teeth:

  • Pack toothbrush, toothpaste and floss in your carry-on luggage

    .  Do not forget to brush your teeth twenty minutes after each meal. The travel container you keep your toothbrush should be large enough to provide air circulation. It should have holes for ventilation. Do not forget to air dry your brush. By doing this, bacteria will decrease. In case you forgot the toothpaste, brush only with water. It is better that not brushing at all.

  • Eat a well-balanced diet

    . Avoid sugary foods and acidic beverages and do not forget to rinse your mouth with water after your meals and snacks. Sip sugary and acidic drinks through a straw to minimize contact between the beverage and your teeth.

  • You may experience dehydration.

    A dry mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria. Drink plenty of water, chew sugar-free gum to help stimulate the production of saliva.

To conclude, travels are always a good option if we want to relax and take a break from our daily tasks. Do not forget that your teeth and gums aren’t on vacation and you should take care of them even during your flight. In case you need further information, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Arhiri.