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I have crooked teeth. What are my options? About orthodontics (teeth straightening)
26 Nov. 2019

I have crooked teeth. What are my options? About orthodontics (teeth straightening)

There are a lot of people who avoid smiling because they do not like their teeth. We all know that a beautiful smile can improve your self-confidence and also your social life.

If you weren’t born with a perfect smile, do not worry. With a good dentist, with patience and with positivism, your teeth will straighten. Straightening your teeth will improve your appearance, but also the function of poor aligned and crowded teeth. This is because orthodontics can straighten crooked teeth and position them into a better alignment.

There are a couple of procedures that can straighten crooked teeth. Bellow you will find out more about three of them.

  1. Invisalign – is a discret and a modern method of teeth straightening without wires. Every two weeks your dentist will provide you with a new pair of aligners that slowly straighten your teeth to their correct positions. A mould of your teeth is made and Invisalign aligners are fabricated for each stage of your treatment. In about 20 weeks Invisalign treatment can be completed and you will be able to smile with confidence.


  • Invisalign is almost invisible; no one will notice that you have something on your teeth.
  • It is comfortable to wear.
  • Invisalign can be taken out when you eat or when you brush your teeth.


  • Invisalign is a more expensive procedure;

Invisalign can be compared with a night guard. It may take some time to get used to this artificial thing on your natural teeth and you may experience the feeling of trying to remove the aligners during night.

2. Metal (fixed) braces – are a less cosmetically option, but are cheaper than other methods of teeth straightening. Braces are worn for a period of two to three years, depending on the dentist’s recommendations. The use of orthodontic braces is the most common procedure of straightening crooked teeth, although more people are not so happy about wearing braces because of aesthetic reasons.

Standard braces consist of metal brackets and wires that are fixed to the teeth. Ceramic braces are an alternative to metal braces and because of this are preferred to the metal ones. These wires are gradually tightened , applying gentle pressure on your teeth to align them in the correct position.

3. Lingual braces – are special braces, attached to the back of your teeth, making them invisible for the others. These braces will be removed by your orthodontist when your treatment is complete. They can be uncomfortable at the beginning, but you will get used to them.

As you can see, there area couple of methods to straighten your teeth. Above you discovered three of them. Invisalign is the most expensive procedure, followed by lingual braces and metal braces. Depending on your budget, depending on how much time do you want to spend with your braces, you may choose the best option. Dr. Arhiri is here for you.