Cosmetic Dentistry Options
26 Nov. 2019

Cosmetic Dentistry Options

The perception is that people want perfect , white teeth, but they also want their teeth to look real and natural. It’s a fine balance!

The goal is to have your friends and relatives look at your bright, new smile and say :”You look great! What did you do to yourself? ”

Smiles makeovers always starts with a smile and end with dramatic facial change! What is wonderful, is that  new technology has helped cosmetic dentistry evolve into a worldwide phenomenon. Today, the mouth can be restructured in as little as two days. The patient can watch a movie or listen to an iPod. By the time the movie is finished, the procedure is over. All a patient will feel is a little numbness.

If you are looking for a highly trained cosmetic dentist in Berwyn, suburb Philadelphia contact Dr. C. Florin Arhiri, DMD for a consultation. Call 610–647–7611 or schedule an appointment online.

At Premier Smiles, we don’t just recreate a smile; we recreate self-esteem. A smile is happiness. That’s why the smile is our chosen field of expertise; our life’s work.