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Dental Anxiety
24 Nov. 2021

Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is one of the most frequent anxieties among adults, with ten percent of all adults suffering from some form of dental phobia. Some patients may be too stressed to deal with the sights, sounds, and odors of a dentist practice. As a result, dentists are aggressively attempting to make the dental experience more pleasant for patients in order to provide dental treatment.

Over a quarter of all Americans avoid going to the dentist due to dental phobia. While some of them may try their own techniques of decreasing dental anxiety, the greatest line of defense is a professional dental dentist who is knowledgeable in the art of reducing dental anxiety.

Communication is very important

Doctors who scored low on patient-physician communication skills were considerably more likely to receive patient complaints to the appropriate authorities in the medical field (ScienceDaily.com). Those findings are not surprising, as it is well known that effective communication may lead to beneficial outcomes, whereas poor communication skills can lead to misunderstandings, tension, and worry. That is why dental schools devote time to teaching dental workers the value of good bedside (or chair-side) manners.

Actors are being employed to train third-year dental students at New York University College of Dentistry on the best techniques to interview patients (Wall Street Journal). Actors are given character knowledge on a range of dental issues and phobias as part of the process. Patients with dental problems such as dry mouth, needle phobia, and other typical circumstances are convincingly portrayed by the performers. The students must next use a mix of their interviewing abilities and dental knowledge to devise the best strategy for dealing with the dental situation depicted.

Pain Reduction

No two people who suffer from dental anxiety are the same, and although the sight of a dentist's office might cause panic attacks in some, others may have a dental dread based on pain. Some dentists are adopting cutting-edge technology to make dental procedures of any kind nearly painless in order to get customers into their offices.

Older compressed air drills are being replaced by faster and more efficient versions. Some dentists have abandoned drills entirely in favor of air abrasion (in which small particles of aluminum oxide or silica are blasted on afflicted regions) to eliminate tooth decay and prepare a tooth for treatment of dental caries. Topical anesthetics can be used right away to alleviate any discomfort, even during a routine dental inspection and cleaning. Pain pathways can be stopped with technology that uses low-dose electrical pulses instead of standard anesthetics.

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