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Why Dental Work is Emerging As The New Anti-Aging Procedure?
26 Nov. 2019

Why Dental Work is Emerging As The New Anti-Aging Procedure?

Getting your teeth fixed can be more effective than Botox. At least this is what cosmetic dentist Dr Arhiri DMD can do for his patients.

The skin loses elastin and collagen over time, creating wrinkles, sagging. As teeth age, they can shift, wear down  and sometimes even need to be removed. What most people do not think about, is that the teeth support the lower third of the face , and as the time goes by, the structure of the face  will be affected. Teeth get worn down , they shift and they break down. Dental implants are widely considered to be an effective treatment for tooth replacement. The key to successful functional and cosmetic outcome is proper diagnosis and treatment planning of the area. The supporting bone and gum are critical to both parameters of success.

A dental implant is an entire tooth replacement, and it integrates into the existing tissues over a period of time. This is a common solution for patients who experience tooth loss. Dental implants help patients recover normal chewing actions, and to restore the patients own dentition. Many patients are motivated by various social imperatives. A pleasant smile is an essential part of many jobs. Comfort is another major reason for dental implants. Chewing and eating can be the source of discomfort for people who are missing teeth, and having this ability restored can improve the quality of life in countless ways.

Common problems addressed by implants may include any of the following:

  • Fractured, missing or broken teeth
  • Structural reasons
  • Replacement for a tooth extraction

A Cosmetic Dentist’s Point of View on Implants

During his career as a cosmetic dentist, Dr C Florin Arhiri  has noticed that the most important aspect of this procedure is the proper diagnosis and treatment planning around the implant. In addition to this, It is very important for everyone to understand how regular dental hygiene during their developmental years can support dental implants later in life.

A beautiful smile can brighten up even the darkest of days, says Main Line Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. C Florin Arhiri DMD!