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09 Nov. 2023
Habits that damage your teeth and how to break them.
One thing that we should all know is how to take off our oral hygiene and how to prevent bad habits from damaging our teeth.
06 Nov. 2023
Dental Crowns: Types, Benefits, Procedure & Maintenance
Whether you have a chipped, cracked or severely decayed tooth, a dental crown can be a valuable solution to restore your oral health. In this article, we will explore the different types of dental crowns, their benefits and how to properly maintain them.
29 Aug. 2023
Dental Implants: A Guide to Care and Longevity
As an investment in your oral health and appearance, It’s crucial to understand how to care for dental implants and maximize their lifespan. This article will explore the key aspects of maintaining dental implants and provide insights into how long can last.
28 Aug. 2023
Facts about Dental Implants Recovery Process
Offering a durable and natural-looking solution for those with missing teeth, dental implants have revolutionized the field of dentistry. While the benefits of Dental Implants are well-known, understating the recovery process is also very important for a successful outcome.
04 Aug. 2023
Can missing teeth cause health problems? 5 facts you should know
5 facts you should know about the problems that missing teeth can cause
04 Aug. 2023
All-on 6 Implants-Comprehensive Guide to Full-Arch Restoration
Important facts that you should know about All-on-6 procedure.
16 Jun. 2023
When is All on 4 Dental Implants the best option for you? 5 things you should know
5 things you should know about All-on-4 Dental implants.
17 Aug. 2022
How we can overcome dental anxiety?
How we can overcome dental anxiety? Dental anxiety and phobia result in avoidance of dental care. It is a frequently encountered problem in dental offices.
20 Dec. 2021
Important Vitamins and Minerals for Healthy Teeth
Here's a list of some of vitamins and minerals for stronger teeth and gums.
13 Dec. 2021
All About Dental Implant
When all other factors are in place, an implant can be put right after a non-restorable tooth is taken. However, patients should anticipate that the process of receiving dental implants might take up to a year to complete because it entails many surgeries, each of which must be healed before going on to the next.
24 Nov. 2021
Dental Anxiety
Dental anxiety is encountered regularly in patients. You can count on dentist Dr. Catalin Florin Arhiri. Book an appointment!
20 Aug. 2021
Tooth Whitening – all you need to know about getting a brighter smile
Do you want a brighter smile? A teeth whitening in a dental office is the solution.
30 Jul. 2021
Six Types Of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures
Discover more about cosmetic dentistry procedures
25 Jun. 2021
Wisdom teeth removal. Is it necessary?
Wisdom teeth removal or not? Find out in the article.
25 Jun. 2021
Pregnancy and oral health. Should we go to the dentist during pregnancy?
You are pregnant or you intend to become a mother in the next future? Check out this article about oral health during pregnacy!