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17 Aug. 2022
How we can overcome dental anxiety?
How we can overcome dental anxiety? Dental anxiety and phobia result in avoidance of dental care. It is a frequently encountered problem in dental offices.
13 Dec. 2021
All About Dental Implant
When all other factors are in place, an implant can be put right after a non-restorable tooth is taken. However, patients should anticipate that the process of receiving dental implants might take up to a year to complete because it entails many surgeries, each of which must be healed before going on to the next.
24 Nov. 2021
Dental Anxiety
Dental anxiety is encountered regularly in patients. You can count on dentist Dr. Catalin Florin Arhiri. Book an appointment!
20 Aug. 2021
Tooth Whitening – all you need to know about getting a brighter smile
Do you want a brighter smile? A teeth whitening in a dental office is the solution.
30 Jul. 2021
Six Types Of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures
Discover more about cosmetic dentistry procedures
25 Jun. 2021
Wisdom teeth removal. Is it necessary?
Wisdom teeth removal or not? Find out in the article.
27 Nov. 2019
It is saliva important for our oral health?
Salivary glands play an important role in our oral health, helping to maintain the health of soft and hard tissues in the mouth.
27 Nov. 2019
About cancer treatment and oral health
Cancer is a disease that appears when uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in the body occurs.Your mouth health is an important part of your general health.
27 Nov. 2019
Did you know that there are aliments that can damage your teeth and gums? Let’s find out more about
If in a previous article we find out more information about the aliments that have a lot of benefits for our oral health, in this article we will discuss about the foods that can damage our teeth.
27 Nov. 2019
All You Need to Know About Dental Abscesses
A dental abscess or a tooth abscess is a collection of pus that can form inside the teeth, in the gums, or in the bone that holds the teeth in place.
27 Nov. 2019
Children and oral health. Are baby teeth important?
In this article you will find out more about baby teeth and about oral health and children. It is an article both for kids and for parents.
26 Nov. 2019
Tooth bonding versus dental crowns. What is best for me?
If you have problems with your teeth: they are broken, chipped or cracked, they are discolored or misshapen, they are decayed, your dentist may recommend a couple of cosmetic procedures
26 Nov. 2019
The costs of dental neglect. Is our overall health linked to our oral health?
In case you did not notice until now, there is a strong connection between your oral health and your general health.
26 Nov. 2019
Chemotherapy and oral health problems
Patients diagnosed with cancer may be recommended radiation or chemotherapy.
26 Nov. 2019
Healthy food to eat to benefit your gums
Even though you do not realize, there are certain foods and drinks which can be very harmful for your teeth: sodas, hard candy, ice, white and red wine, sticky candy or fruit, citrus fruit, sports drinks, potato chips, etc.
26 Nov. 2019
About Oral Cancer. Causes, Symptoms and Prevention
Studies have shown that more than over half of the patients diagnosed with oral cancer in the USA survive after five years. This means that if this condition is discovered on time, the chances of successful treatment are high.
26 Nov. 2019
Mouth and teeth problems after radiotherapy
Cancer treatment can affect oral tissues and oral complications from radiation to the head and neck can compromise patients’ health and quality of life.
26 Nov. 2019
Cosmetic Dentistry Options
The perception is that people want perfect , white teeth, but they also want their teeth to look real and natural. It’s a fine balance!